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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Social Media Advertising

Have you checked your social media account today? I have. I did it when I woke up, while I was still in bed. I scrolled through my Facebook feed, past recently tagged photos of acquaintances and election opinion posts, a few memes and a couple of Tom Petty tributes, even some really cute cat videos.


And what did I chose to engage with?


A sponsored post.


Exploring the home page of the Facebook mobile app exposes a user to numerous businesses, carefully calculated by their particular demographic, their location and their interests. Social media advertising allows businesses to create targeted campaigns to get their posts in front of those likely to engage with them. The great thing about this marketing medium is that it allows you to reach an audience in an extremely personal way, wherever they are.


Me for example, in bed, early on a Thursday morning – already thinking passionately about the coming weekend. When I was exposed to Cheers! and Uber’s latest campaign, Sober Self Bot, I immediately clicked it, engaged with it, learned more about it and considered using it.


So, this Ad did what it was intended for. It reached somebody that could possibly be interested and it enticed them to click it. And here’s the thing: with social media, this is remarkably simple to do as long as you understand your target audience and provide offers of value.


Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool that’s only growing with time. With proper execution, the return can be very rewarding for businesses. Here are 7 reasons why you should be using social media advertising:

Tell your Brand’s Story

The world’s most influential brands all have distinct, powerful and memorable stories. Customer relationships are all about communication. Rather than simply telling someone to buy your stuff, successful brands draw engagement through empathic persuasion in showing the experience and feeling of a product or service. Social media is the perfect platform for businesses to depict the essence of their company, while advertising on this medium allows the story to reach more people than ever.

Pay as Much as you Like

Your social media advertising budget can be as low or as high as you need it to be. There’s also the option to tweak your costs as your campaign is running, so your efforts can be adjusted towards what’s working, rather than staying with what’s not – all within the confines of what you can afford.



Highly Targeted Campaigns

The amount of information that social media websites know about us is astounding and perhaps a bit scary. But, in terms of business, this is extremely useful! Campaigns on social media can be exceptionally specific which allows you to show your ads to those who would be most interested in them.

Mobile Advertising

Social media is overwhelmingly favoured on mobile. Users are most likely to browse these platforms on their phones, which means there is a big chance they are out and about when they do so. Advertising to an audience that is on the go is really beneficial to businesses. You are able to reach people anywhere they are, possibly even when they’re near to your store.

Visual Opportunities

The visual nature of social media means you are able to entice engagement with great imagery, graphics and videos. Images are so much more likely to be absorbed than text. Use this to your advantage and invest in intriguing, relevant and powerful pictures to showcase your offers.

Gain Valuable Insights About your Audience

Social media accounts provide you with extensive statistics about your progress, your engagement, your content and your audience. This gives you the perfect chance to learn from your efforts, to grow from your experience and to become more and more specific with your campaigns as time goes on. If you run an ECommerce store, you’re able to gain essential insights into the performance of your products individually and on a whole.

Location Targeting

Harness the opportunity to show your ads only to those who can experience your business with location targeting. Major social media platforms have really powerful tools that allow you to ensure your ads are only shown to those in a specific area. This helps you to better match your campaigns with users that are likely to engage! Combining this feature with the above aspects can truly optimise your endeavours for high click-through-rates and conversions.


Never before has it been easier to market your business to people that want to see it. Never before has it been easier to market your business to people at any time and never before has it been easier to be seen by an audience wherever they may be. Social media advertising provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to grow their exposure, their audience and their engagement.


If you would like to know more about how social media advertising can benefit your business, get in touch with our team. We offer a free consultation to help you learn more about your industry, your audience and your potential to thrive on the optimum platform for your business.