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What Makes a Campaign Stick?

Chloe Cleaver, one of our Creatives, discusses three of her favourite ad campaigns. Whether you love ads or you fast forward through them every chance you get, we have all come across at least one that has stuck with us. Maybe it was a funny ad, a clever ad or an ad that had a […]

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We Attempt to Make Slack’s 404 Page More Shitty

We’ve been using Slack as a company communication tool for some time now and it’s been nothing short of a pleasant experience. Sectioning off our project communication married with the easy interface has only improved our daily processes, although the creative department have taken to only communicating in gifs. Even when we finally came across […]

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Our Favourite 2015 Web Design Trends

Effective web design is constantly changing as we develop newer (and cooler) pieces of technology. Sure WordArt might’ve done the job back in 1999, but nowadays your website needs something polished and professional to gain attention.   Now that we’re midway through the year, it’s safe to say that 2015 has showcased some awesome examples […]

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Introducing the TWC Creative Department

If you’ve ever popped into the TWC office, you may have noticed the (relatively) new addition to the team: the creative department. We’re pretty easy to spot, to be honest. There’s Reamonn (a.k.a Ray), who is often dressed like an extra from an 80’s music video or a Woodstock attendee; and Stacey, who can never […]

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How To Choose The Right Face For A Beautiful Body

Is choosing a font really that important for your website? What about the spacing? Studies show that spaced fonts, white space and negative space can make or break a website’s feel or “ambience”, this artcile by Jennifer Farley from Design Festival explains each of these, and their benefits.

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