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Conversion Rates And E-Commerce Stores, How Does Your Website Measure Up?


What is a Conversion Rate? If you have an E-Commerce website, conversion rates are likely to be one of your primary concerns. Conversion rates give you insight into how successful your store is. They allow you to understand how traffic is interacting with your site and how well your visitors are engaging with your products. In E-Commerce, […]

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Have an E-Commerce Success Story This Holiday Season

You can almost hear wallets groaning as the big Christmas Holiday spending approaches, and preparation is critical to ensure you’re set up to receive the contents of those wallets. It might feel like you’re jumping the gun if you begin Christmas prep for your E-Commerce store in early October, but a survey done by Energi […]

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How Can Small Businesses Increase Their Ranking in Google?


Big businesses have the advantage in Google Search Rankings. They already have large customer bases, their websites will generally have a lot of authority and they have the resources to invest in all the necessary technical services to get the top spots. If you operate in an industry that is dominated by the big players, […]

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3 Simple Ways to Increase Website Sales Online


How to increase website sales online is a question very frequently asked by most of the E-commerce business. Allow us to shed some light on this matter. You’ve got a business. Your business now has a website. It’s a good website, but funnily enough, since it went live, you haven’t been inundated with enquiry emails or […]

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Why Change Management is Critical for Software Implementation

Software implementation is often a troublesome and costly area for businesses. With some research suggesting that many implementations fail at first try, there is huge scope for improving how businesses plan and execute this process. That many companies find this process problematic and difficult to achieve can partly be attributed to a lack of understanding […]

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