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Why you need to invest in development improvements

Our team always strives to produce the best solutions for you and your business, but the reality of web/software development is that nothing is ever perfect right off the bat. Even the most skilled developers on the planet produce work with room for improvement. That’s just the inevitable truth of development. These unforeseeable issue resolutions […]

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Fixing Magento Core for Better Performance – Ivan Chepurnyi

Ivan Chepurnyi, a technical consultant and the co-owner of EcomDev, is a provider of training sessions for Magento developers across Europe. As one of the first five Magento core developers, he has extensive knowledge on performance optimisation, system architecture and complex customisation. In this video, Ivan gives a talk on regular store bottlenecks within Magento, […]

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Magento – Is this the future of Ecommerce?

Magento is an open source framework for the development of online shopping websites and here at The Web Company we continue to be very excited about the possibilities that this framework can offer a wide range of customers who wish to develop or enhance their online shopping presence. Open sourced means that developers have access […]

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