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Integration Of Social Media With SEO And Its Impact On Organic Search Results


With the explosion of Social Media on the online landscape, it has thrown up a whole new array of elements that are affecting search engine rankings. The landscape of Google is ever changing with several adjustments being made to their search algorithm every week. Always, the sole motivation of this is so Google can deliver the […]

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How Can Small Businesses Increase Their Ranking in Google?


Big businesses have the advantage in Google Search Rankings. They already have large customer bases, their websites will generally have a lot of authority and they have the resources to invest in all the necessary technical services to get the top spots. If you operate in an industry that is dominated by the big players, […]

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Mobile-First Indexing: What It Means For SEO


Mobile-First Indexing and SEO In the last few months, there has been considerable buzz online and in the digital marketing community about Google’s recent ranking development – mobile-first indexing. As one of the latest components in Google’s mission to provide the best possible results for users on search pages, this change reflects the continually growing popularity […]

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SEO Basics For E-Commerce Stores

Your store showing up in a Google Search allows potential customers to find your products with ease, bringing you more business, more engagement and more money. Search engines offer an invaluable source of organic traffic looking for stores like yours, SEO can help you tap into this.   What is Search Engine Optimisation? Google analyses […]

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Generating Relevant Website Traffic For Your Business

A common question posed to us as web-marketing experts are: How can we generate relevant traffic to our website? Website traffic is driven by ads, social media posts, search engines, links on other websites and other marketing efforts. One of the main driving forces for website traffic is search engines. For this reason, Search Engine Optimisation […]

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