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Why is Social Media So Important for Businesses?

Social media is now a really big part of almost all consumer journeys. These days, it’s extremely likely that people will look up a store or a brand on Facebook or Instagram when they consider buying an item. Social media profiles offer customer reviews, product information and special offers on tap. It lessens the gap […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Social Media Advertising

Have you checked your social media account today? I have. I did it when I woke up, while I was still in bed. I scrolled through my Facebook feed, past recently tagged photos of acquaintances and election opinion posts, a few memes and a couple of Tom Petty tributes, even some really cute cat videos. […]

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Top 10 Facebook Ad Mistakes in 2018 (and How to Fix Them)

There is no doubt that in 2018 many businesses have changed their traditional marketing to digital marketing strategies. Social media is one of the key channels for digital marketing. According to statistics, as of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users. Creating successful Facebook ads is easier said than done. […]

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5 Tips to Drive Meaningful Web Traffic with Facebook

With over 2.5 million kiwis on Facebook, you know some of your ideal customers are out there, scrolling through their news feeds. But how can you reach them and send them to your website? For some businesses, Facebook referrals account for 30% or more of all website traffic, but it takes a dedicated social strategy […]

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Regional Kiwis Don’t Trust Digital

Tuesday’s New Zealand Marketing Associations’ Brainy Breakfast Targeting Regional NZ: Life Beyond the Big Smoke confirmed our suspicions that regional New Zealanders are more hesitant to trust digital marketing than traditional print media. Over and over again the Nielsen representative presented statistics, read quotes, and showed videos of regional Kiwis wax poetic about the benefits […]

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