One thing is certain - your site needs to be flawless to cater for the increasing number of consumers choosing to shop online. Online shopping is a rapidly growing industry, thriving under the convenience of connecting retailers to stores, regardless of location. Adapting to the constantly evolving online space will push you ahead of the game. How do you futureproof your site? With a best-in-class e-commerce platform, of course. Aesthetic design, consistent portrayal of your brand, and security are the benefits which will flow naturally. Magento 2 is a leading provider of comprehensive e-commerce optimisation, with platforms that are enhanced for usability, speed and customisation. Our Magento specialists will assist you with a new site build, migration, or ongoing maintenance.

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The WebCo Magento Marketing Ad

Improve user experience with your platform

The digital world revolves around the consumer. You wouldn’t make your customer wait 15 seconds for your store door to open, so why would it be acceptable for your site to take this long to load? Designed from the ground up to have exceptional load times and user experience, Magento 2 puts your consumers first, and seamlessly takes them from first greeting to checkout. But first, consumers need to find you amongst the thousands of stores in the online mall - Google. Magento creates SEO-friendly meta-implementation and URLs as well as optimises products descriptions and pages. From there, well, the digital world is your oyster. As a proven framework for successful online store management, Magento triumphs in its sales administration. With functions allowing necessary inventory processing you can be sure with the right programme, your sales will be managed and maintained efficiently. The Web Co’s market professionals can get you up and running, and secure, with all things Magento.

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Customise your site to scale your business

You want your business to stand out from the noise and grow without constantly needing to build a new site, right? That’s the more logical and cost-efficient option. Well, a custom-built site does just that. As your business grows and evolves, your site can too - with the ability to alter it at any stage. Enabling a unique experience for your unique audience will take your business to a new level. Magento is a powerful custom-built ecommerce platform which can be designed to portray your brand with customistions. The Web Co’s market professionals will take the complexity out of the migration process. Or, if you’re already on Magento, we can support you, so you don’t need to worry about bugs limiting your sale conversions.

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The WebCo Magento Marketing Ad
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Incorporate pre-existing accounting software

When dealing with commerce, a good accounting programme is key to the success of your business. Maintaining the books allows for necessary development and all-important insight into the sales you’re making. Magento is designed to work with your finance software such as Xero or MYOB to automatically sync information, providing you with key facts to help the growth of your business. Magento is able to work with the accounting operating system of your choosing to optimise processing of orders, invoices, taxes, payments and refunds. This is done effortlessly to allow you more time to focus on developing your brand.

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