You’ve probably heard the news. Magento 1 has reached the end of life. While you can remain on Magento 1, your site will be open to security risks which will continue to worsen, costing you more in the long run. Paypal and some banks have even contacted businesses still using Magento to say they aren’t comfortable supporting e-commerce that is open to possible security risks. Now is the time to either upgrade to Magento 2 or switch platforms. The Web Co’s customer-obsessed solution specialists successfully manage the migration from start to finish, future-proofing your site.

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Upgrade or move e-commerce platforms

There are hundreds of e-commerce platforms out there, which can be overwhelming. You’re not alone. It all comes down to taking note of where your business is now and where you aim to be in the future. There are certain e-commerce platforms that have features specifically designed to assist with your projections. Our experienced specialists assist with narrowing your options down to platforms suited to you, so you don’t waste time in unfamiliar territory.

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Take action with your e-commerce

Whether you’re a small business or a SME, remaining on Magento 1 will cause issues further down the line. As long as you take action, there’s no need to worry. We specialise in Magento web development as well as migration to alternative e-commerce platforms. Even after your migration, we’ll still be here for you with our support services.

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