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Google Adwords Updates 2017


Google Adwords can now automatically double your daily budget. From October 4th 2017, Google began allowing Overdelivery on Adwords Campaigns. Overdelivery authorises your ads to receive up to twice as many clicks as you’ve specified in your daily budget on days when traffic is higher than usual. The Overdelivery initiative acknowledges that internet activity is […]

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Mobile-First Indexing: What It Means For SEO


Mobile-First Indexing and SEO In the last few months, there has been considerable buzz online and in the digital marketing community about Google’s recent ranking development – mobile-first indexing. As one of the latest components in Google’s mission to provide the best possible results for users on search pages, this change reflects the continually growing popularity […]

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SEO Basics For E-Commerce Stores

Your store showing up in a Google Search allows potential customers to find your products with ease, bringing you more business, more engagement and more money. Search engines offer an invaluable source of organic traffic looking for stores like yours, SEO can help you tap into this.   What is Search Engine Optimisation? Google analyses […]

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Why is Social Media So Important for Businesses?

Social media is now a really big part of almost all consumer journeys. These days, it’s extremely likely that people will look up a store or a brand on Facebook or Instagram when they consider buying an item. Social media profiles offer customer reviews, product information and special offers on tap. It lessens the gap […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Social Media Advertising

Have you checked your social media account today? I have. I did it when I woke up, while I was still in bed. I scrolled through my Facebook feed, past recently tagged photos of acquaintances and election opinion posts, a few memes and a couple of Tom Petty tributes, even some really cute cat videos. […]

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