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How Can Small Businesses Increase Their Ranking in Google?


Big businesses have the advantage in Google Search Rankings. They already have large customer bases, their websites will generally have a lot of authority and they have the resources to invest in all the necessary technical services to get the top spots. If you operate in an industry that is dominated by the big players, […]

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3 Simple Ways to Increase Website Sales Online


How to increase website sales online is a question very frequently asked by most of the E-commerce business. Allow us to shed some light on this matter. You’ve got a business. Your business now has a website. It’s a good website, but funnily enough, since it went live, you haven’t been inundated with enquiry emails or […]

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5 Simple Ways to Prioritise User Experience on Your Website


Websites that offer an outstanding user experience will always outperform those neglecting to think about how their customers are using their platform. Whether you’re selling products or promoting your services, your website’s functionality will have a massive impact on your business’s online performance. With UX playing such a huge role in digital marketing and web […]

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Google Adwords Updates 2017


Google Adwords can now automatically double your daily budget. From October 4th 2017, Google began allowing Overdelivery on Adwords Campaigns. Overdelivery authorises your ads to receive up to twice as many clicks as you’ve specified in your daily budget on days when traffic is higher than usual. The Overdelivery initiative acknowledges that internet activity is […]

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Mobile-First Indexing: What It Means For SEO


Mobile-First Indexing and SEO In the last few months, there has been considerable buzz online and in the digital marketing community about Google’s recent ranking development – mobile-first indexing. As one of the latest components in Google’s mission to provide the best possible results for users on search pages, this change reflects the continually growing popularity […]

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