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Integration of Social Media with SEO and its Impact on Organic Search Results

The landscape of Google is ever changing with several adjustments being made to their search algorithm every week. Always, the sole motivation of this is so Google can deliver the highest quality results to its users. A lot of companies have placed a high emphasis on attaining a well-designed website and have assigned budgets to achieve this, but […]

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Magento – Is this the future of Ecommerce?

Magento is an open source framework for the development of online shopping websites and here at The Web Company we continue to be very excited about the possibilities that this framework can offer a wide range of customers who wish to develop or enhance their online shopping presence. Open sourced means that developers have access […]

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Website Redirects for SEO Purposes with .htaccess

If you are having a new website designed, it is important to take into consideration how long it can take for a search engine to re-index your site. It most cases, the pages on your new website will be named differently than your old pages,

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