our work

The Web Co’s expert team has covered the bases when it comes to experience. Our clients range from SME local businesses to global well-known companies, with some collaborating with us for more than a decade! From clothing companies to diesel reconditioning businesses, the industries we cover are expansive so we can help you wherever you stand.

Partridge Jewellers came to us to problem solve digital issues they were facing

The site’s homepage was not in great shape, with the navigation playing up and the design breaking every time there was any change in the menu.

Our team put on our capes and came to the rescue. We both solved the navigation problem and revolutionised the design, giving it a fresh, current look with the use of a hamburger menu. The navigation is now more flexible. We utilised this alteration stage by improving more design elements within the content.

How did Sugartree Lane go from basic to brilliant?

The Web Co brought the site to life making use of Sugartree Lane’s magazine design and crafting it to fit the website. The client asked for time-efficiency and cost-efficiency during the development stage, and that’s just what we gave them. Using a visual editor for the front-end development, the site became one of the fastest delivered projects.

Otu Wines were after an online shop that trumped their competitors

We transformed their site from one simply displaying their products to a custom-design online store that easily allows purchases with a click of a button. Furthering their social presence, we integrated Facebook and Instagram into their home page.